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-easy to maintain and clean
-available in acrylic and glass panel

Shower screen is installed in the bathroom and toilet to separate the shower area from the non-shower area. It is useful in keeping the walls and floors of non-shower area dry. Having a dry floor for the non-shower area in the bathroom is important as it reduces the chances of accident and the formation of molds and mildew.
There are two main types of shower screen, namely the frameless glass shower screen and the sliding shower screen.
Frameless glass shower screen is elegant and gives your bathroom and toilet a hotel look. The frameless glass shower screen allows for towel to be hanged at its stainless steel handle. However due to its swing mechanism, the frameless shower screen required more space as compared to the sliding shower screen. For safety reason, our frameless shower screen is made using 10mm tempered safety glass.
Sliding shower screen are usually preferred in the Singapore context as it required less space. For the sliding shower screen, you can choose to have either acrylic or glass panels to suit your budget and preference. 

All our shower screens come with powder-coated aluminium frames which are 100% rust and corrosion resistance.